medline journals | home | mobile | archive | login differences in stone size and ureteral dilation between obstructing proximal and distal ureteral calculi. Authorseisner bh, pedro r, namasivayam s, et al. Possible side effects viagra   institution department of urology, massachusetts general hospital, harvard medical school, boston, massachusetts 02114, usa. Beisner@partners. Org source urology 2008 sep; 72(3) :517-20. Abstract to examine the differences in ureteral dilation and calculus size between obstructing proximal and distal ureteral stones. A retrospective review of computed tomography (ct) scans from 176 consecutive patients with obstructing ureteral calculi was performed. For the calculi, the axial diameter was defined as the largest stone diameter on the axial ct images, and the coronal length was defined as the cephalocaudal length of the stone measured on the coronal ct images. Univariate and multivariate statistical analyses were performed. A total of 65 proximal and 111 distal ureteral calculi were analyzed. where to buy cials and viagra online On univariate analysis, the proximal calculi were associated with a greater degree of ureteral dilation (mean 6. cheapest online viagra 1 mm vs 5. viagra 20 fiyat 3 mm, p =. where to buy viagra for men 01) and had a greater coronal length (mean 9. viagra covered by insurance 2012 9 mm vs 8. 3 mm, p =. generic viagra au canada 005) than distal calculi. This association was also true on the multivariate analysis, which controlled for age and sex (p =. viagra covered by insurance 2012 0004). No statistically significant difference was found in the axial calculus diameter for the proximal and distal stones (mean 5. best generic viagra usa 3 mm vs 5. 0 mm, p =. Cheap viagra generic 100mg 29). In a subset of 50 patients whose contralateral ureters (without stones) were measured for control comparison, the ureteral dilation in the ureters with stones was significantly greater than in the control ureters (proximal ureter 6. 2 mm vs 4. legal buy viagra online australia 3 mm, p =. 001; distal ureter 4. 7 mm vs 3. 8 mm, p =. 004). How long does it take for a viagra to work For proximal calculi, 72. 3% were associated with ureteral dilation of less than 7 mm, 23. 1% with 7-10 mm, and 4. 6% with greater than 10 mm. buy generic viagra without prescription For the distal calculi, 90. 1% were associated with ureteral dilation of less than 7 mm, 6. viagra poppers same time 3% with 7-10 mm, and 3. 6% with greater than 10 mm. The coronal length was the largest measured diameter in 94% of the calculi, and the mean calcul. generic drug for viagra  

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